Creating a Pathway to Success


Help your career take flight with Certiport’s new exam credentialing program – My Pathway. This program is designed specifically around helping you navigate the requirements needed within different industries today with some of the most sought-after skills being sought out at every turn by companies looking ahead into tomorrow’s workforce trends!

Why My Pathway?

Employers in every sector need employees with specific skills to ensure business productivity. My Pathway is designed for candidates who want a career, not just any job; the program helps you get where you need to go and stay there by making sure your path has all of its bases covered from entry-level positions up through management roles.

Upon completion of any pathway, Certiport awards the candidate a digital badge which can then be added to their resume and CV. This leaves no question they have proven ability ready for the next step!


Stay Competitive

The world of work is constantly evolving to meet the needs and demands of society. The Certification Pathway program at Certiport will help you navigate your way through today’s challenging workplace environment by providing industry-specific requirements for different types of jobs, allowing you to stay competitive in this rapidly changing market!

Certification pathways are designed specifically around helping you find success within your career with certifications tailored towards specific areas where employers need new talent now, but also those fields that may be growing tomorrow too – it doesn’t matter if these particular skills aren’t on anyone else’s radar yet because our team knows how important having up-to-date knowledge can really generate continual career opportunities.

My Pathway consists of a series of certifications, some of which you may already have earned. Using a proven method to certification success, LEARN, PRACTICE, AND CERTIFY. Get Certified America! provides a proven solution to help you reach your certification-based career goals:

LEARN – focus your training on the key objectives of the exam.
PRACTICE – access to prepare for the exam using stimulated exam preparation programs. You will have the opportunity to continue your training by preparing for the exam in Training Mode. Or, establish a benchmark of your preparedness in Test Mode.
CERTIFY – Sitting for your certification exam with Get Certified America!

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