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Microsoft Certified Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified Fundamentals are the starting point for anyone interested in understanding cloud offerings from Microsoft including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics.

The Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exams are the pathway to fully understanding what cloud computing is, what options are available from Microsoft, and which options make sense for businesses to invest in. This set of exams is for people who are exploring a career in artificial intelligence, data science, and cloud computing. With the usage of big data and artificial intelligence on the rise, the demand for data scientists is not being met—and the gap is widening.

Available Certification

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Microsoft Certified Fundamentals Exams:

  • AI-900 – Azure AI Fundamentals: 52 Questions (45-60 minutes)
  • AZ-900 – Azure Fundamentals: 32-43 Questions (45-60 minutes)
  • DP-900 – Azure Data Fundamentals: 50 Questions (45 minutes)
  • MS-900 – Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: 32-43 Questions (45 minutes)
  • MB-910 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Customer Engagement Apps (CRM): 37-38 Questions (45-60 minutes)
  • MB-920 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Finance and Operations Apps (ERP): 43-44 Questions (45-60 minutes)
  • PL-900 – Power Platform Fundamentals: 37 Questions (45 minutes)
  • SC-900 – Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals: 76 Questions (45-60 minutes)

Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exam retake policy

  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score on an exam the first time, the candidate must wait at least 24 hours before retaking the exam.
  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score the second time, the candidate must wait at least 14 days before retaking the exam a third time.
  • A 14-day waiting period is also imposed for the fourth and fifth subsequent exam retakes. A candidate may not take a given exam any more than five times per year (12 months). This 12-month period starts from the first attempt. The candidate is then eligible to retake the exam 12 months from the date of the first attempt. To take a given exam more than five times per year or to have the time between attempts waived, a candidate must submit a request and obtain prior permission from Microsoft. Requests should be sent to These requests should include the following information:
    • MCID
    • Name
    • Email
    • Exam Number
  • If a candidate achieves a passing score on a Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exam, the candidate cannot take it again.

A valid voucher is required for each exam attempt. Do not schedule an exam past the expiration date of the voucher. If the voucher is expired, you must purchase a new voucher. To purchase a single take voucher, voucher with retake, voucher with retake + practice test, or voucher with retake +  practice test + training bundles — CLICK HERE. If you are ready to schedule, click the blue SCHEDULE NOW! button and schedule your exam.

A Certiport voucher is a 16 character code (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX). If you purchased a voucher or was issued a voucher from your school or organization, please assign the voucher to your Certiport account, immediately. This ensures the voucher is valid for the exam you are taking. Make sure the name of the voucher correlates to the exam you are taking.

If you purchased a voucher with a retake, the retake is issued ONLY if the exam is failed. A voucher is valid for one exam attempt. A retake is valid for one retake attempt. A retake voucher can only be used for the exam that was not passed. It cannot be used for a different exam.