CSB English for IT Exam


The days of not understanding technology are over.

In our fast-paced technological world, the need to communicate and comprehend basic work-related information at your job has never been more critical than it is now — especially those jobs that deal directly with computers!

The need for tech-savvy employees is crucial in every industry and related field. Whether you work in a call center dealing with customer issues, customer service/tech support, human resources recruiting new talent, project management, etc., enhancing your communication, and listening comprehension skills is the path for solid career growth.

The English for IT exam measures the following key areas:

  • Interpret and implement instructions, guidelines, and training materials
  • Construct appropriate requests for information and feedback
  • Update colleagues on work-related topics
  • Incorporate goals and objectives into the working environment
  • Defend a point of view
  • Identify concerns about an issue, a product or service, or a business
  • Examine key information from a conversation
  • Participate in discussions and conversations, exchanging
    information when necessary
  • Analyze and prioritize opinions and recommendations
  • Analyze factual information from various sources
  • Evaluate information from various sources
  • Identify a problem and its cause, and identify solutions

The CSB English for IT exam uses scenario-based reading, selected-response, and audio questions. This is an 80-minute exam with 60 questions.

To prepare for the English for IT certification, you can have access to practice tests, as well as an entire learning course dedicated to the English for IT certification, which covers everything in the exam.

Get Certified in English for IT and become the new talent your company is recruiting for. To learn more, contact us at getcertified@getcertifiedamerica.com.

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