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Communication Skills for Business Certifications

Success is led by the power of communication

The Communication Skills for Business (CSB) program is one of the newest certification programs offered through Certiport and now includes the Professional Communication certification and the English for IT certification. Whether verbal (oral or written) communication or nonverbal communication the ability to communicate effectively is a critical skill that all candidates should possess. In every industry, there is a gap between the English skills required and the English language skills that employees have. Also, in today’s workplace, communication skills are consistently one of the top skills employers are looking for, and developing these skills can give candidates a big edge over the competition.1

The CSB certifications are built to validate that candidates entering the workforce understand key communication principles and possess the skills that are necessary to be effective in a work environment.

Impact of CSB

  • For students/candidates, Communication Skills for Business certifications are resume builders and help students/candidates become more employable.
  • For educators, the Communication Skills for Business ready-made, self-scoring exams save instructors’ time by using the certification exams as class exams, mid-terms, or final exams.
  • For workforce education, the Communication Skills for Business program increases job placement rates and stabilizes/increases funding options.
  • For corporations, the Communication Skills for Business program provides job skill enhancement for employees and saves money by not having poor communication.


Why should job candidates seek CSB Certification?

Poor communication is very expensive for companies. Studies have been done that estimate businesses with 100 employees lose an average of $420,000 per year due to poor communication between employees. The cost goes up based on the number of employees.2

The CSB certifications give job candidates the proof they understand good communication and have the skills needed to be effective and efficient in their jobs while saving the company money by not communicating poorly.

Get Certified and Improve your Communication Skills for your Career and Life!


  • Professional Communication Exam – 42 Questions (50 minutes)
  • English for IT – 60 Questions (80 minutes)

Retake Policies

  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score on an exam the first time, the candidate must wait 24 hours before retaking the exam.
  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score the second time, the candidate must wait 2 days (48 hours) before retaking the exam a third time.
  • A two-day waiting period will be imposed for each subsequent exam retake.
  • There is no annual limit on the number of attempts on the same exam.
  • Retake vouchers must be used within 60 days of the initial failed exam. If a retake was purchased, the retake voucher is sent by email after a failed exam.
  • If a candidate achieves a passing score on a CSB exam, the candidate may take it again.

Test results found to violate this retake policy will result in the candidate not being awarded the attempted credential, regardless of the score.

This policy applies to both voucher-based and site-license-based Certiport Authorized Testing Centers.

A valid voucher is required for each exam attempt. Do not schedule an exam past the expiration date of the voucher. If the voucher is expired, you must purchase a new voucher. To purchase a single take voucher, voucher with retake, voucher with retake + practice test, or voucher with retake +  practice test + training bundles — CLICK HERE. If you are ready to schedule, click the blue SCHEDULE NOW! button and schedule your exam.

A Certiport voucher is a 16 character code (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX). If you purchased a voucher or was issued a voucher from your school or organization, please assign the voucher to your Certiport account, immediately. This ensures the voucher is valid for the exam you are taking. Make sure the name of the voucher correlates to the exam you are taking.

If you purchased a voucher with a retake, the retake is issued ONLY if the exam is failed. A voucher is valid for one exam attempt. A retake is valid for one retake attempt. A retake voucher can only be used for the exam that was not passed. It cannot be used for a different exam.